Act 235

Enjoy some luxury without the 5 star price tag

When visiting a big city, be sure to check out the lobbies of famous hotels and get a taste of the finest luxury money can buy. Most hotels are happy to have you visit, people watch and maybe shop at their boutiques. The furniture is comfy, the decor spectacular and the bathrooms are tidy.

We are waiting in the lobby of the chateau Laurier until we board out canal cruise shortly. It’s delightful if only temporary.



Act 205

Take a picture (it does last longer)

I’m in the Maritimes visiting friends and while it’s tempting to pick up lovely souvenirs as a reminder of our visit, I’m trying to resist. When I see something I like, I take a picture instead. This way I have the memories of the places and the things I’ve seen without having to empty my wallet in the process. And if I see something I’d really like to have, I can always order directly from the website and keep my luggage weight in check. Here are a few things I saw today.


door mat made of fisherman’s rope made in New Brunswick


colourful buoys


Pantouffles Acadien (knitted slipper in Acadian colours)

There are some beautiful and innovative crafts and products in the Maritimes. Shame I couldn’t bring them all home but at least I can remember them with pictures.

Bonne vacances!

Act 200

YLW to YQM with minimal YY$

Heading east to spend some time with friends and family.

Used 20 years of air miles to pay for the tickets, have packed loads of snacks for the plane ride and will attempt to navigate my way through three airports with two kids without spending any additional money. Could be a challenge.

Here’s to happy (and inexpensive) landings!


Act 173

There’s no place like home.

A weekend away is great. Inspiring. Revealing. Enlightening. For many reasons. The most important of which is the realization that that there is no place like home, no matter how far you roam.

Vancouver is a vibrant, innovative community. And every time I go, I learn something new. Great conference with the Arts Alliance Society. Wonderful show at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Fantastic food. Most importantly, meaningful company.

But the trip home and the arrival reminds me that money matters but not as much being home with your partner, your kids, your neighbours, your hood. We are where we live. And we leave to visit places to help us to be better at the place where we live. I hope we can be better. I know we can.