Act 334

Get the party started

Cue the snow, we made it to December! I intend to make the most of the holiday season this year, in a cheap and cheerful way that is.

I started a party stash by buying a few boxes of crackers and some christmas goodies at the most unlikely place, Shoppers Drug Mart. I don’t understand retail anymore. Everybody is selling everything. That aside, I’ll keep a keen eye out for the things I know I’ll need come Christmas parties be it a secret santa gift for my husband’s work party, hostess gifts or fixings for our Christmas eve Reveillon and our Christmas morning breakfast.

Our home made advent calendar is up – it’s nothing fancy – but it works and it’s a great start to the season ahead.


Act 244

Skip the back to school sales hype

Back to school is exciting. Some kids are anxious to go. Some are anxious not to. Shame we have to mar every major event with a sales flyer from every major retailer in the weekend papers. But so it is.

I chose to skip the hype. The backpacks will do for another year. The lunches will go in brown paper bags. We have more clothes than we could ever need and I’ll wait for an after-back-to-school-because-we’re-clearing-stock-for-christmas sale for now.

So i’ve done no back to school shopping. The supplies are sourced at school and we pay a fee. Plus, what they really need for tomorrow (first day back), is a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and some encouragement. That, I can always afford.

Act 174

Be prepared.

The devastating floods in Alberta are tragic reminders that the worst can happen when we least expect  it. So it pays to be prepared, just in case.

Some thoughts that come to mind? Prepare a box with food, water, basic medicine and first aid, flash light, radio, batteries, a hard drive of documents and photographs, photocopies of important papers like birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, an extra set of keys. And possibly a bag with a change of clothes, footwear and basic toiletries. And cash. Cold hard cash.

Sending thoughts and best wishes for the flooding victims. I married an Albertan – you’re good people – you’ll get the job done – you’re proving it every day.