Act 363

Make a snow fort!

So you’re halfway between Christmas and New Years and the kids are overtired (so are you) and getting restless. You find yourself searching for options – swimming pool, bowling, movies, anything.

We were feeling a bit like that too. So we stepped outside, grabbed a shovel and started building a snow fort. complete with stairs, furniture, lawn ornaments and a G-T snow track.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with so little. Just some snow in a yard and a bit of enthusiasm. That’s a solution for many things when money is tight. I’m grateful I’ve benefitted from those lessons this past year. Really grateful. And a whole bunch happier too.


Act 335

Buy used

My husband needed new tires for his truck. His truck is basically his office. His tires at its foundation. Now, a 1,200 expense is not welcome news at any time, especially so close to Christmas. We could have planned ahead. But planning ahead for things you can’t afford in the first place isn’t an easy priority to keep.

As the snowy season approached (it’s here now), I really did dread the whole thing. But, as luck or maybe karma would have it, he happened to find a gently used second hand set of tires which were purchased and installed yesterday for a budget friendly $300.

I’m relieved and not at all worried about safety as they were installed by a qualified professional. Phew!