Act 335

Buy used

My husband needed new tires for his truck. His truck is basically his office. His tires at its foundation. Now, a 1,200 expense is not welcome news at any time, especially so close to Christmas. We could have planned ahead. But planning ahead for things you can’t afford in the first place isn’t an easy priority to keep.

As the snowy season approached (it’s here now), I really did dread the whole thing. But, as luck or maybe karma would have it, he happened to find a gently used second hand set of tires which were purchased and installed yesterday for a budget friendly $300.

I’m relieved and not at all worried about safety as they were installed by a qualified professional. Phew!


Act 242

Invite your neighbours over.

So much of our hard earned money is spent protecting ourselves from what can go wrong. Car alarms, home alarms, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance and my least favourite of all, mortgage insurance.

Imagine if only a fraction of that outlay was spent on making things better – on turning strangers into friends – for example.

Yesterday we celebrated our 14th annual corn roast with family, friends and neighbours – for way less than an annual insurance premium and for much more meaning. We got corn from a local farm, made up a few hamburger patties and buns, put out a few chips and some goodies and the fun was afoot. We caught up on news and views, had some laughs and marveled and how quickly the kids are growing on this eve of another school year. Being connected to your community is key to a sense of real safety – as opposed to the false sense of security of an alarm system or an insurance policy. Because we’re connected, we watch out for each other. You can’t pay for that kind of safety – and it’s way more fun than writing a cheque.

And, there’s leftover corn to boot – so today’s act will involve corn bread of some kind 🙂 – stay tuned. and if you’re nearby, stop in for a piece.

Happy Labour Day!

Act 179

Pitch in for gas.

In the Shuswap, where I live, many families own a boat. And a boat is fun. From May to September that is. But a boat is a year long expense, especially if you financed it.

And people who have boats are very generous in that they invite people who don’t have boats to join them for a day on the lake.

Recognize that boat ownership is an expensive proposition. So pitch in for gas. It’s the right thing to do. Just because you don’t have a boat, doesn’t mean you can recognize the expense of having one. If their expense if your opportunity, pay your fair share. And, while we’re at it, wear a life jacket.

Safe boating!