Act 227

Go to a festival!

Why spend your hard earned entertainment dollar on one or two acts at a single evening concert especially for bands that are, shall we say, getting a bit long in the tooth. Rolling Stones tickets for the summer tour had a face value of $600. Yikes.

For a fraction of that cost, you can get a 3 day pass to festivals like Salmon Arm’s own Roots and Blues which opens tonight and see dozens of bands – some established, some up and coming – all carefully chosen for you by a dedicated team of professionals who continue to curate a great musical, cultural and global experience.

Want to save even more? Consider volunteering next year. A few shifts of work entitles you to a weekend pass and many of the R&B volunteers have been with the festival for years. So hats of the them. And have a great festival!

source: R&B facebook page

source: R&B facebook page