Act 96

If it comes in a box, a jar, a bottle or a freezer pack, you can probably make it at home for cheaper.

Since January 1, I’ve spent less money on groceries by shopping only on the outside of the store aisles and using the little hand held cart.

I’ve also tried to make my own dressing, sauces, soupes and mixes. The money I saved, I used to buy better quality ingredients so I find myself a few months in with a better stocked pantry and better food for less money. Spending wisely sometimes means you can get quality and quantity too.


Act 17

Talk to the moms

What I love about talking with other moms is the honesty. Moms are CEOs of households. But you’d never get CEOs to share the kind of info moms share with one another such as budget boosters, trade secrets, recipe ideas, coping strategies and good old fashioned encouragement.

So next time you’re dutifully attending yet another of your children’s extra curricular activities, listen up. There’s often more going on in the stands and the waiting rooms where the moms are than there is on the field, the gym, the dance studio or the rink. It’s time well-spent.