Act 356

Don’t waste a perfectly good wish on money

Today, for a brief moment, I found myself wishing for more money. And then I thought better of it. What a waste of a wish.

Part of me believes that we only get so many wishes in life and we mustn’t waste them. The wish for a healthy child, a happy family, a meaningful existence.

Please don’t waste a wish on something as foolish as money.

Wish instead for the courage to change your circumstances.
Wish instead for the commitment to meet your obligations.
Wish instead for the satisfaction of making due with what you have.
Wish instead for the creativity to problem solve.

A good wish can go a long way. You have it within you to make what’s important happen. Wish for nothing more and nothing less.



Act 328

Teach yourself.

One of my challenges this year has been to acknowledge that my business doesn’t always generate enough revenue to cover expenses. I work with so many talented people and more often than not, I delegate the work to them. But in an effort to curb spending, I’ve had to cut some hours. As difficult as this has been, it has helped me get a handle on what I can or can’t afford. As a result, I’ve had to learn many new things. From learning how to bake a loaf of bread to how to troubleshoot web server issues, I find that with a little patience, some time and a fair share of humility, I can still learn new things. This teachable moments have saved me money. You can always pay someone to get a job done but in some cases (not all), it builds confidence and skills to try and learn it yourself. This is easier than ever with google and youtube. So give it try, you might just learn a thing or two.

Act 267

Plan for a plan b.

I think debt is often a go-to solution for problem solving. Something’s broken – pay for it on the credit card. Something’s needed – use the line of credit. Couldn’t help it. Needed doing. Debt is the cost of living. Or so I might have thought once upon a time.

If we just stopped and thought about it and offered ourselves a non-debt solution. I had two such issues recently. A repair – which absolutely must happen – in my urgency to solve the problem, I did think about using the credit card. But I took a deep breath and reached out to someone who knows more about the issue than I do. Might have saved me a bundle. At least I have another option to contribute to solving the problem. Then I had a purchase, which was much needed – but before I lept into it – I came up with a plan b. It will take more time, but it will cost me nothing.

If you’re going to get out of debt, you have to believe in your ability to come up with a plan b, or as I know like to call it, plan be out of debt.