Act 314

Spend your Canadian Tire Money

I do enjoy Canadian Tire Money. No sign up. No cards. No points. Nothing complicated. Just money. I especially like using it on discounted items (another thing I like about Canadian Tire). And they reward you for spending cash (not credit). I like that too. And to top it off, they’re Canadian.

I have a feeling that Sandy McTire (the Scottish looking character depicted on the currency), wouldn’t approve of debt of any kind or any nonsense whatsoever when it comes to money. I could probably learn a thing or two from old Sandy. I bet many of us could. Maybe Canadian Tire should re-incarnate him in as a financial planner.

Canadian Tire money is the original loyalty program and still the best, in my view. More interesting facts on the much-loved currency here. So don’t just collect it, spend it. Enjoy it. That’s what Sandy would want.


Act 42

Don’t just collect points, use them too.

You might be surprised how many points you’ve got and what it entitles you to. Don’t save up too long – or they’ll expire 😦 – and it might be unrealistic to hold out for that round the world trip. Air miles and points are great for small things too such as gift cards, small appliances, lift tickets or even airline tickets.

Some loyalty cards give you access to cheaper prices on future purchases. Every little bit helps. And they won’t do you much good sitting comfortably in your wallet. Until such time as you can use them to pay your utility bills or make credit card payments, just use them for things you’d have to buy anyway. It’s an opportunity to save that you’ve already spent for, so use ’em or loose ’em.