Act 241

Discover the thrill of no frill

Salmon Arm recently saw the opening of a No Frills grocery store. We are not short of grocery stores in this town. Seems we’re quite find of food in general. Great markets, great grocers, great farmers.

But this No Frills store is really quite something. I saved at least half of what I expected to spend by opting to go there this afternoon for a few items. Yes, I cherry picked and purchased no name goods but my budget is well intact and my patronage is assured for much time to come. And I wasn’t alone. It was busy (it is a long weekend afterall) with people who I would normally see at the local grocers.

The store was renovated some months ago. It’s bright, clean and quite modern. The selection is good and it’s well signed. Maybe the saying should go “if you build it right, bright, clean and well designed, they will come.” Because they have.

Truth be told, if I were the other grocery stores in town (including the big box one about to open at the end of town), I’d be keeping an eye on this one which has shown me that there can be a thrill when shopping no frill.