Act 357

Watch It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s the kinda movie that will help you find the answers…

Happy Christmas Eve.



Act 206

Enjoy a rainy day

Today was rainy and cool. Rather then head for the malls or the movie theatre, we stayed home. Cooked, caught up on laundry, re-organized a few cupboards and played some cards. It was great and cheap. The sun will come out tomorrow 🙂

Act 191

It’s no wonder popcorn is the reason movies are made.

The profit margin on movie popcorn is reportedly as much as 1275%. A bag that costs 37 cents can sell for $5.00. Or so I’m told on the internet.

Popcorn is pretty cheap to buy. It does go stale so consider keeping it in the freezer (it’ll double as an ice bag in a pinch too). We used to buy microwave popcorn which is terrible stuff apparently. If only it weren’t so tasty. We used to have an air popper too but it blew up (or what retailers like to call planned obsolence). So I’ve gone back to the old ways and started popping in a good old fashioned pot with a proper lid. It’s faster than an air popper if you let the oil heat first.

You can gourmetize your popcorn too with your freshly ground spices (see DDA #169) – curry, italian, garlic, salt and pepper. Or sweeten it with caramel. Or just eat it plain.

Popcorn is a good source of fibre (I know, surprising right) and minus the butter, it’s a great low calorie snack. Pop in a movie and call it a night in. Enjoy the treat at a price you can afford.

Act 175

Sign up for Netflix

It’s a rainy night in the Shuswap. Summer vacation looms. Two more sleeps.

For some calm before the storm, consider a quiet evening watching Netflix. $8 plus tax a month. At that price, you can afford to try a new movie, a new documentary, a new comedy. Cause let’s face it, it’s not like there’s very much innovative programming on network TV these days, is there? And a night out at the movies is a risky and fairly expensive proposition too.

Having said that, some stories are best told on the big screen. You just have to be selective.  If you live in these parts, consider the Starlight Drive In too. Now that’s a real big screen experience – complete with the dancing hot dogs at intermission.

Do you remember the dancing hot dogs? Maybe they should add it to Netflix as well to enhance the home viewing experience.

But back to Netflix as a debt defying option. It’s the future, if you ask me. The sharing economy. Well actually, the library is the future – it’s just that the rest of the world is catching up.

So I’ll enjoy my home library of movies – and happily pay my monthly share. Learn a little along the way and enjoy home made popcorn and the comfort of my couch.

So visit your refreshment centre now, the show starts again in 10 minutes!