Act 161

Stop and Plan

It’s important to stop, take stock and plan. Summer’s nearly here which means we’re nearly half way through the year. So it’s important to just stop and check in on your plan. In my case, the plan was about stopping a runaway train. And I’ve done that. But debt is still a useless employee – eating up important resources and not contributing anything to the team. So it’s about keeping momentum. and living with less.

But it’s also about the plan. And stopping for a bit to check in on it – rewrite the parts that aren’t working and recognizing the parts that are.

That’s what I’ll focus on the next few days so the second half of the year builds on the momentum of the first.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. We all have to think like The Little Engine that Could.


Act 125

Find your momentum killer.

Mine is TV after school. Most days, I pick up my kids and head home to finish the day’s work. But more often than I care to admit, I settle in to watch some news – Power and Politics and Lang and O’Leary are my poison. And I just never get enough done. Next thing I know, it’s dinner and bed time.

So this week I will forgo the TV shows and resist the comfy chair. I find if I work through that first 1/2 hour, I get a second wind. More gets done. Sleep comes easier. The week is more productive.

At least I’ll try – but if there’s breaking news on Parliament Hill, I might not be able to resist…