Act 263

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

Now, I live in a relatively small town. And while we might not have all the amenities of a big town, most every weekend, there are great community events to attend. Wine fests, hockey games, concerts, plays, fundraisers, gallery openings. What most of these events have in common is the need for a bartender.

To tend bar in BC, you need a Serving It Right certificate. A friend of mine, who happens to organize many of the above, suggested that I should get my Serving It Right. For $35, I could go online, study the course and take the test. Then I could work a few of these events. So I did (and I passed thankfully – it’s been awhile since I had to take a test for anything).

I’ve spent most of my life working in an office. Except for my first job. I worked at McDonalds. I learned a lot, worked hard, made a bit of spending money. My favourite part was working with the public. I miss that.

Last night, I worked my first shift tending bar at a community concert. It was fun. I saw many friends, listened to some great music and made a bit of money while I was at it. Go figure, I still like working with the public.

I hope to do a bit more of it in the months to come. It’s a great night out. I learned alot, worked hard, made a bit of spending money. That first job at McDonalds taught me plenty. Plenty indeed.


Act 70

The five minute rule

When I was a teenager, I worked at McDonalds. I learned quite a bit. How to count back change, how to salt fries, how to work the drive-thru. It was demanding work but it was great fun too. In my day, at the end of your shift, it was a requirement to ask your manager for your five minute job. It was their way of getting that last little bit of work done before you hung up your lime green uniform (ugh, I know). It usually involved mopping the lobby or taking out the garbage. Stuff you avoid or put off basically. Anyway, I’ve always liked that rule and on days like today, when I’m frantic with work and putting in extra hours and valiantly (but unsuccessfully) trying to fight off, of all things, my very own internet troll, I implement the five minute rule. If there’s something I didn’t get done that needed doing, I spend five minutes and do what I can. Then off to bed and tomorrow we try again. Bonsoir!