Act 302

Bring duct tape

Remember that TV show MacGyver? He always had a stick of gum, a match, a safety pin and some duct tape. Got him out of all kinds of trouble.

Duct tape played a major role in our family’s life today. My eldest son, who’s on the border of wether or not to trick or treat, and wary of the traditional halloween costume, but still wants the candy, said to me. “Mom, I want a duct tape costume”. Ok. Fine, I think. So off we went to the dollar store and Canadian Tire for some traditional as well as some colourful duct tape. And despite my initial skepticism, I won’t lie, it looks pretty awesome. So for about $7.00 worth of tape (or a roll and a bit), and an old pair of PJs, we might have the best halloween costume we’ve ever had.

MacGyver would be proud.