Act 217

Spud for dinner

The potato is a hero in my kitchen. If I happen to have leftover anything – veg, cheese, chili, some sour cream, what have you, I bake a few potatoes in the oven for an hour, empty the fridge of the leftovers and have a jacket potato feast. Pick your own topping and enjoy. It’s cheap, cheerful, yummy and good for you.


Act 55

Make stock and take stock

Cooking is a form of therapy for me. I like the ritual of looking in the fridge and finding something to make on a quiet weekend day.

With some sad looking veg, a couple of stale bagels and some nearly empty pots of jam, I spent my Saturday chopping and stirring, thinking and reflecting on the week that was.

Without a trip to the grocery store or yet another debit transaction, I made a hearty soup, some yummy bagels chips and a sweet little desert while cleaning out the fridge and getting ready for the week ahead.

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So when I take stock and I make stock I defy my debt.


Act 23

Pizza dough is play dough you can eat.

Kids love pizza. Well at least my kids do. Rather than watch the flyers for sales on frozen pies, I decided to try making pizza dough. And it was much easier to do than I would have thought.The kids enjoy watching me and offer to help. It’s quick, easy and fun and doubles as a great way to use up leftover veg, cheese and pasta sauce. Plus, it’s WAY cheaper than any deal on Delicio or delivery.

On second thought, maybe you can eat play dough? Nah.