Act 341

Learn from your own mistakes

I’ve written about learning from the mistakes of others but haven’t reallly addressed learning from my own mistakes.

I made a minor one today. Tried to make a curry soup with some roasted peppers. The peppers were burnt, the soup was terrible unless you like soup that tastes likes smalls shreds of burnt rubber that is. Yuck. It’s down the drain for that effort.

I’ve learned from other mistakes too. I should not have trusted that my credit union’s advice was best for me. It wasn’t. I should not have thought that I needed mortgage insurance when I also had life insurance. I didn’t. I should not have assumed my credit report was accurate. It wasn’t.

I should not have assumed that building a successful-ish business over 15 years meant I would be bankable when I needed a business loan. It isn’t.

And I’m still learning. That’s the joy I’ve found in this blog. I can learn. I can improve. I can make it better. It’s working. Slowly. But it’s working.

So make mistakes. It’s okay as long as you learn from them. It really is.


Act 148

Don’t panic.

I awoke a bit panicked today – not sure why – probably because the end of the month approaches – which is always a bit nerve wracking for a business owner with no business line of credit. If the invoices issued at the beginning of the month aren’t paid by the end of the month – it can make paying the end of the month bills a bit of high wire act. And I’ve never been one for heights.

None the less, a quick check of the account tells me it’s going to be okay – not great – but okay – and then, as if fate itself intervened to re-assure me I saw a great story on Twitter about a young woman who paid off $ 30,000 of debt in two years. I read her story, tweeted her my congrats and even thanked the journalist who wrote the story for sharing a good news debt narrative for a change. And I felt better. And less panicky.

Debt can be isolating. Most of us have it. Yet few of us talk about it. Doesn’t make much sense. Certainly doesn’t make it any easier – until you read stories like those of this blogger who remind us that we’re all on our own journey – and we must find our way. And when someone else finds their way, we can all learn from it.

Just because something is awkward to talk about doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be talked about. In fact, it’s a guaranteed sign that it’s crying out for conversation. So don’t panic. But do talk and do listen. We’ve got a lot to learn from one another.