Act 320

Don’t focus on getting it done. Just focus on doing it.

Today, as I was doing yet another load of laundry, I thought to myself, “won’t it be nice to get this all done and folded and put away.” And then I thought again, “wait, who am I kidding, the laundry is never really done”. I should focus on just doing it, rather than on getting it done. Semantics? Sure, sort of. But it’s also about rethinking how you approach your day to day life.

I like lists. I like checking things off. Getting it done. Maybe that makes me a short term thinker when, the situation in which I find myself could have done with some longer term thinking in the first place.

Anyway, the laundry thing got me to thinking about another favourite movie of mine, The Big Chill. In it, Nick, the wayward drug dealer of the gang, reminds his well to do and accomplished friends that you can’t always get what you want – and you can’t always focus on that “completion” thing. Some times I feel like Nick. I don’t deal drugs, but I do deal in dreams, imagination and creativity. And it hasn’t afforded me the comforts of friends who chose more traditional paths. 

So tonight, I’ll watch the Big Chill and remember, that I can try sometimes and I just might find that I get what I need. 

Act 307

Make the best of that extra hour

I got more done today than I have for many days. I accredit it to that extra hour. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we went to bed at 7:30 last night and by 5:30 this morning I was up and about and hard at work.

An extra hour can make a difference. If you added up how much time it really takes to unload the dishes or switch over the laundry, you might be surprised how much can be done in an hour. And tackling the to do list is an important part of keeping on top of debt.

Here’s hoping the trend continues. But I best get to bed soon lest I break my new productive habit.


Act 136

Find a second life for your single sock.

I live in a house with boys – a result of which is finding single socks in most every corner of every room – for some reason.

Anyway, I keep a stash of single socks in my laundry room and when I’m quite convinced they are destined to be single forever, I repurpose them as household rags (way better quality than a J-cloth for example) or fabric softener sheets (just a few drops of liquid fabric softener and a sock will replace expensive dryer sheets).

It’s not a big thing – but little things matter and every bit counts. That’s the whole point behind defying your debt.