Act 322

Your pay cheque is not the value of your worth

I thought it important to pause to point this out. If I haven’t said it yet, it’s an oversight on my part.

Some of the most important jobs are done by some of the people with the smallest pay cheques–the child care providers, the assisted seniors living attendants, the waitresses, the chamber maids–the world of the wealthy cannot operate without you. That you are paid the least is yet another sign of our economy’s disequilibrium but, in no way, a sign of how much your work matters. I can live a day without a stock broker, a banker or an insurance sales person. I cannot live without a gas station attendant or a grocery store clerk and I’m sorry the world isn’t more cognizant of this. And don’t get me started on the most important job of all, the stay-at-home parent, I beg of you.

As for me, I know I’m good at what I do. Call it confidence or experience or even self-delusion. What I’m not always good at is making sure my expenses are lesser than my revenue. But then, my government isn’t very good at that either, truth be told.

But that’s only one part of my job and one that I can’t always control. My work makes a difference in the lives of others. That my pay cheque doesn’t always compare is not the measure of my real worth. Please never measure yourself by the numbers on your pay cheque. Especially if yours happens to be quite impressive. That will get us into more trouble than we’re already in.


Act 250

Keep an eye on the want ads

I’ve written a great deal on how to save or not spend money. What I haven’t done enough of is written on how to make more money.

You might be envious of friends who make more money and have better benefits but you feel stuck in your job. That’s normal. But there’s nothing to say you too can’t look for another job. It’s how the labour market works. The economy seems to be improving and so might your opportunity for more fruitful employment. Changing jobs can be a daunting proposition but you can look for a new job anytime you want. Whether it’s Linked In or the local job ads, it’s okay to look. Chances are, if you’re in debt, you’re not making enough money. But each of us has a skill set that’s worth exploring with a new employer. So go ahead. Keep looking. Put yourself out there. You’ve got nothing to lose by looking. And I should do the same. I’m a small business owner but there’s nothing stopping me from looking for something else or something better. I know it’s a cliche but you have to be the change you wish to become and if that means a change in jobs, then open yourself up to the opportunity. You never know what will come your way and the mere prospect is, if nothing else, exciting to think about.

See you in the classifieds!