Act 290

Hand off some of the responsibility

It’s okay to share the chore. In fact, it’s important to.

This time of year we always have the expense of our ski pass. Now while you might think that’s a luxury, it’s actually a great deal. For $100/weekend, we all get to ski together every weekend. It’s great family time, good fitness and good fun. Much cheaper than hockey for one kid, truth be told. You just have to pay it up front. So I asked my husband to make the necessary arrangements and he found a way. I don’t have all the solutions. I just think that I do. But I don’t.

Lately I’ve been asking my kids for more help too. With dishes and laundry – it helps keep us on top of housework.

Even if we feel like the debt is all our fault. And I must admit that I do, it doesn’t mean that I have all the solutions.

It’s a relief to to share the work and share the solutions.


Act 257

Cut the crap.

I know, harsh, right! But really, crap is a great word. We buy it. We pay for it with resources we could better use on important stuff. We put up with it. It can be emotional, it can be physical, it can be administrative, it can be political. It is many things. None of which we need. So just cut it out.

I spent the better part of my day dealing with crap. Mostly the physical kind. Things that I have that I don’t need. As part of the process, I found a few things that I did need that I’d forgotten I had. Sometimes too much crap hides the stuff you need to deal with.

We spend so much time finding work-arounds for things we aren’t ready to deal with. Which, if you’re following my logic, causes more crap. I have tidy piles of things I don’t need and I regularly put it off for another day. But it’s tiring and it needs to go away. Today, I dealt with one room at a time, first the bathroom, then the back room, then the laundry room. I got part way through the kitchen and I already have a good amount of items for an upcoming garage sale. One of the things I found today was an old school timer. My plan is to use it this week. I’ll set if for one hour, fill a bucket with hot water, soap and bleach and make my way through the rest of the house. I expect that by Saturday am, my garage sale will triple in size. And I’ll be happy to see it go.

Life is too short for crap so whatever it takes, find a way to deal with it and move on. You owe it to yourself. And owe is not a word I take lightly, and least not anymore.

Act 255

Start with soup

A quiet weekend planned. I so enjoy being a homebody. I made soup this am from some leftover veg, and a can of coconut milk. Some curry, some coriander, some cinnamon. The house smells wonderful and the warmth is comforting on these early days of fall.

Hopefully it will sustain me through a day of house work and puttering. Putting and keeping my house in order is meditative for me and helps me stay focussed on my debt reduction.

Act 136

Find a second life for your single sock.

I live in a house with boys – a result of which is finding single socks in most every corner of every room – for some reason.

Anyway, I keep a stash of single socks in my laundry room and when I’m quite convinced they are destined to be single forever, I repurpose them as household rags (way better quality than a J-cloth for example) or fabric softener sheets (just a few drops of liquid fabric softener and a sock will replace expensive dryer sheets).

It’s not a big thing – but little things matter and every bit counts. That’s the whole point behind defying your debt.