Act 268

Read your phone bill

So, it came as quite a surprise to me today to discover that I pay $9.99/month for protection on my i-phone. In business, protection is a euphemism for insurance. It can also be a euphemism for hidden costs and rip offs. When I phoned to ask about it, I was told that the deductible was $200. So if I did lose my phone, say two years into my contract, I will pay $440 to replace it. Ahead of time. Ugh.

That’s not insurance, that something quite different. Two words. First word starts with B. Second word rhymes with it. Bye bye to that. Read your phone bill too. You might have been told that your plan “included” protection. Included doesn’t mean part of the price, it means they added it on for you.

They also added on a skookum 12 dollar charge for international and US texting. Which I don’t need. Nor do I need call display or “visual” voice mail, whatever that is. Because we have 2 phones with this “upcharge”, my total savings (or not spendings) will be $408/year. Per YEAR. Which I’ll happily keep instead for home insurance – to which I can add a personal item policy if I want. $400 will buy you a fair schwack of life insurance and a decent amount of content insurance. So once again, tell the telcos that their insurance policy is one conversation you need to cut short.