Act 211

Give thanks with food

Tomorrow we head off from ten wonderful days in the maritimes. Destination – la belle province – my emotional home.

But before I head off, I tried to prepare a few bits and bites for my lovely hosts as a way of thanking them for their lovely hospitality.

On days like this, full of food and fondness, I’m reminded that we all have choices in life. My plan A was to build a life or career of corporate success. But love got in the way and with it came a life long appreciation of what matters most in life: family, friends and happiness. In many ways, it’s a longer path than that to physical wealth. But it pays off in ways that money can never measure.

Enjoy the people you love and remind them of it from time to time. It’s free and it’s priceless all at once.

Merci au maritimes. A bientot ma belle province!


Act 201

Stay with friends.

Holidays are not out of reach. If you need to get away, consider staying with friends. We like our privacy. I get that. But there’s nothing like the warm embrace of being welcomed for a visit with friends. But don’t be a mooch. Help where you can. Make a contribution and enjoy the company of people who know you and love you well.