Act 324

Let your custom be appreciated

Today was customer appreciation day at my local grocers. Free cake and coffee (which I missed) and some great specials ($1.00 off 4 litres of milk).

Telus has also been doing some impressive customer appreciation hosting two nights of free movies at the local theatre. Sold out unfortunately but they promise to do it again soon.

You have value as a customer (we’ve talked about this before) – so let them spoil you a bit. The holiday season is full of opportunities like these so keep an eye out and make the best of it.

If you have customers of your own, find a way to let them know they matter to you too. It’s called reciprocity and it keeps us human.

But recognize the difference between having your patronage appreciated and being patronized. My credit union recently launched a “free” video game for kids to help them “learn” financial literacy. If they sign up (mine won’t be), their name, age and location will be shared with the third party provider. That’s not appreciation. That’s creepy. And, let’s face it, pretty dull.

I’d rather have coffee and cake.


Act 304

Go to an opening

We have a lovely public art gallery in Salmon Arm. About once a month, on a Friday evening, there’s a free event (admission is always by donation) to open the show featuring art, of course, live music, food and refreshment. It’s a delightful way to start a weekend and it’s easy on the budget.

Art is for everyone, not just elitist patrons as many might think. Not so. So push the envelope a bit and try an event you’ve never tried before (I’ve been a time or two as it is an interest of mine) but there are other types of openings at private galleries and studios. They are held for the public and they enjoy your company. So go ahead, give it a try. You might just like it. And it’s far cheaper (and more interesting), than a night at the movies, a drink at the bar or even a stop at the drive-thru.