Act 327

Have a Grey Cup potluck

Having a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. If you enjoy football (I admit I’m a fan during playoffs), invite neighbours and friends over for a Grey Cup potluck. You’ll be amazed at what you can pull together from an average pantry. Some ribs, some cheesy potatoes, a few shrimp, a pot of chili. Doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have some fun.

Go Riders.


Act 247

Get discounted event tickets at retail outlets

I purchased two wrist band tickets for the upcoming midway at our local fall fair at my grocery store and saved myself a few bucks. It’s something that can be done for many events such a CFL football, Junior league hockey games and even lift tickets (at costco, i think).

By doing a bit of online research and preparing ahead of time, you can save from the premium prices at the gate.

Act 34

Catch the big game at home

I’m a fair weather football fan and a big fan of Superbowl commercials. Rather than venture out to catch the game, I’ll avoid the premium-priced appies and beer and stay home and do my best to replicate buffalo chicken wings and potato skins in my own kitchen.

Friends always welcome (as long as you’re a Niners fan)!