Act 280

Slay one dragon at a time

I might have taken on too much in one day. As I discovered yesterday, my credit score was damaged by a clerical error made at the local branch of the Bank of Montreal. So I printed it, brought in my paper work and closed my account.

It was an uncomfortable situation to say the least. Customer service reps are not trained for this kind of high level frustration with suggestions that I should phone equifax and mastercard to straighten it out. Straighten out their mistake that’s cost me immensely over the last 18 months? I don’t think so. Their fall back position? I needn’t be rude, I only brought this concern to them today and they are trying to help. Trying to help? You’ll forgive me if my confidence is not high. They couldn’t even get my address right, which led to the problem in the first place. If my indignation is set to 11, you’ll have to forgive me. And being firm is not being rude. They should know the difference.

Every dispute with a bank reminds me that bankers are not used to being spoken to harshly. As if their position is above it. And we enable that. But their duty of care towards us as consumers is not being met. Not by a long shot.

In addition to this, I attempted to resolve two other issues related to money. I’m tired. Really tired. I must remind myself to slay one dragon at a time. And least I’ll have the fortitude left at the end of the day to enjoy the accomplishment while still managing to get some real work done. As for today, very little was resolved and the drama continues tomorrow. Best I get a good night’s sleep.