Act 315

Plan your route

How many of us just jump into the car to run that errand or pick that something up at the grocery store that we forgot.

I try not to do this. I drive my youngest son to school, park at the office and try to plan my route so I don’t have to double back and waste time, money and fuel. When I’m home, I stay home – unless it’s an emergency of some kind. If I forgot something, it waits till I drive back to town in the morning. While today wasn’t a good example of this for me – having driven into and out of town three times, it was a good reminder that planning my route has saved me loads on fuel this year. I can comfortably see that my new found driving “cheap”ness probably saves me $20 or $25 a week on fuel. And it adds up. Except, of course, for today. But it couldn’t be helped. And it was a good reminder that my usual stubbornness pays off.

PS – speaking of stubborn, only 50 posts to go and I’ll have committed 365 debt defying acts – happy about that.


Act 135

Buy the same dollar amount of gas on a weekly basis

With the May long weekend begins the summer season. If you live in a community on the Trans Canada Highway, perhaps you too are accustomed to the 10 to 12 cent increase in fuel/litre preceding a few well deserved days off.

To protect your budget against the swing in fuel prices, consider filling up at the same time every week for the same dollar amount. You can’t control the price of gas, you can control how much driving you do.

I started doing this to help manage my cash flow and kept doing it because it’s decreased my overall fuel expense and it makes me more mindful of how much driving I do.

And now, with my handy dandy office bike (see Act 131), I’ll ¬†run errands in a fuel free way during office hours which will undoubtedly further my cause and up my intake of exercise to boot.