Act 278

Make the most of what you roast

I got 3 chickens at the grocery store for $19. I roasted all three today (at the same time). The boys will delight in the wings and drummettes, I’ll carve off the rest – part of it I’ll use in meals this week and the rest of the meat I’ll freeze for pie or pasta recipes. Plus I’ll keep the bones to make stock – which can be used for soup and sauces. A tasty use of time and money.

Act 22

Cut to the bone.

Chicken that is. I don’t understand why we agree to pay the premium for purchasing boneless, skinless chicken parts. Where’s the fun in that?

Buy the whole chicken. Debone it (it’s not that difficult – even I can do it) and use it all. There are great how to video on youtube. And if that’s too daunting a task, just roast the whole thing. Make soup, make chicken salad, make chicken wings and thighs, make chicken fingers. Make as many meals as you can.

Sometimes I think we’re tricked into the illusion of convenience. It’s not convenient to spend that much money on parts when the whole is a much better, more practical and more sensible buy.