Act 330

Two for one can be confusing but fun

This morning on my way to school with the kids, I saw an electronic billboard at my local grocery store promoting a two for one meat deal. Now, while I really dislike the barrage of digital signage that has invaded my town, I have to say, this message made an impact. So, after school, we stopped in to check out the deal. It wasn’t all meat, just some of it. But for $35, I got my basic groceries for the next couple of days and 6 packages of meat including ribs, pork steaks and ground beef. I saved twenty bucks easy. I’m happy. Even if I do still really dislike those obnoxious signs. I’m not sure why they would run a sale like that. There’s no way they’re making any money especially if customers only buy what’s on sale. Groceries is a nickel and dime business although it’s certainly one that’s seemed to increase the wealth of the Weston family of Loblaws whose worth has increased considerably in the last year.

Sometimes I just don’t get it. But even if I don’t get it, if I can still save a few bucks, I can live with it.