Act 261


My kids wanted cookies. One likes chocolate chip, the other oatmeal raisin, I hadn’t enough of either on hand to get the job done. So I improvised. And now we have some sort of cookie bar with some chocolate chips, some raisins and a bit of dried cereal to fill in the difference. Pretty yummy actually. I’ve said it before – it’s not about doing without – it’s about doing what you can with what you have. And therein lies the fun. When a problem becomes a challenge and a chore becomes an adventure, there are plenty of delightful surprises in store.


Act 240

Make the dough and earn the bread

Today I tried something I’d never done before. Baked a batch of buns from scratch. Am attempting to make sliders buns for an upcoming get together. Test batch works for me. Takes time and patience. That I have time for. Maybe that’s the literal and metaphoric trick to making dough and earning bread after all. Time, patience and the willingness to try.