Act 244

Skip the back to school sales hype

Back to school is exciting. Some kids are anxious to go. Some are anxious not to. Shame we have to mar every major event with a sales flyer from every major retailer in the weekend papers. But so it is.

I chose to skip the hype. The backpacks will do for another year. The lunches will go in brown paper bags. We have more clothes than we could ever need and I’ll wait for an after-back-to-school-because-we’re-clearing-stock-for-christmas sale for now.

So i’ve done no back to school shopping. The supplies are sourced at school and we pay a fee. Plus, what they really need for tomorrow (first day back), is a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and some encouragement. That, I can always afford.

Act 239

Just jump right in and do your best

Many are headed back to work after summer vacation. It’s can be a tough transition but it needs doing. Today I went back to work after an extended period away from the office. It felt a bit like playing double dutch – remember that skipping game? You hesitate, you watch and then, you just jump in and hope for the best. That’s what I did. Couple of stumbles but just like riding your bike, you never really forget. And it’s kind of a rush once you get back into the rhythm of it.

As for the pros, I found this online. If they can do this with a skipping rope, just think what you can do with all the tools available to you.