Act 270

Don’t despair!

You know, the truth is, there are worse things than debt. Much worse. Divorce for one, illness for another. Worry seeps into our lives and finds its place until something worse comes along and then you wonder why you worried about the other thing in the first place. I admit that I’m a worrier. Even as a single, unattached, un-mortgaged, debt-free, childless grown up I worried. And now I wonder why I spent so much energy on that whole scene.

Today I awoke in a worrisome mood. Will it be enough? Will it make a difference? Can I pull this off? And, to be frank, I was a bit cranky too. But then, I looked around, and realized that my particular concern (the success of my son’s birthday party), was, in the grand scheme of things, infinitesimally small. In fact, shamefully small.

So rather than sulk, I decided to get on with it. Make the plan. Move on. And leave the worry behind. I feel better. I still have the same questions but for the moment, I will worry not. I’ll keep it for when I really need it. Don’t despair. It won’t do you any good. Just make a plan and move on. Your energy is better spent that way. It really is.