Act 149

Bottled water and bagged ice are for those who like to pay twice

Maybe this just makes me cheap. But really, bottled water, bagged ice? We all pay for water. And we’re very fortunate to have it. Lots of clean affordable water. Most of us have freezers too. And those handy dandy little ice trays? Yup, I bet you’ve got a few of those.

Heading out for a weekend with cooler in tow? Throw a tupperware container of water in the freezer and there you go. Ice ice baby.

Keep a water bottle with you. Fill it up as you go. We really are so fortunate to have access to clean water. It astounds me how we’re willing to pay for our water twice – once as taxpayers and again as customers. Silly.

When I went to Africa, I saw people walk miles from nowhere just to get water. And we ship water from around the world to giant grocery stores where we can buy it for what we think is cheap cheap cheap. Or, worst (and I’ve done this too), pay a premium because it comes from France or Italy – even worse. That use of resources alone could pay for the infrastructure others need to meet the basic requirements of a healthy community. WTH is the matter with us sometimes. Having one of those days, I guess.

The amount of money that’s made on ice and water, I’m surprised they aren’t selling steam. If you can make that much money on the liquid and solid version, they why not gas? ¬† ¬†Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Because it is.