So many of us think we have to spend money to go out. Not so.

What’s more, when you go out and have to spend money to do so, you’re not assured of  a great outing. You might not get the service your expect or the quality you’d hoped for. I can think of many evenings at the pub or restaurant where my expectations were too high for the money I spent.

However, if you volunteer for a community event, you can be most assured of a great experience. You are most always welcomed with open arms and well taken care of. Plus, the experience is more meaningful because you’ve done some good. Even if it’s hard work.

I spent my Saturday volunteering at the local public art gallery for a lunch event. Such fun. Great company, great cause, great food, great fun. Only cost me time, not a dime.

If your community has a volunteer bureau (ours doesn’t but needs one in case anybody reading this can change that), sign up and help out. Feels good to do good.

Act 62

Bank some karma – volunteer

Debt defying can be a bit difficult on your social life. No nights at the pub or dinners out at the cafe. But that’s okay. It’s worth it.

If you’re looking for an evening out or an afternoon of fun, consider volunteering. Volunteers are showered with thanks and appreciation and are a critical force in the life of any community.

I spent last Sunday volunteering for the Arts Centre bi-annual fundraiser called Reel Lunch. We served soup to the many who took in a film during the Film festival. It was a great day. Lovely company, lots of laughs and the pleasure of a good day’s work doing good.

Yesterday, I helped out for a bit at the Junior Bonspeil at the Salmon Arm Curling Centre. We fed dozens of hungry little curlers and their parents over a few hours.

The side effects of regular volunteerism are quite significant as it turns out. This from  the Corporation for National and Community Service in the US.

Volunteer activities can strengthen the social ties that protect individuals from isolation during difficult times, while the experience of helping others leads to a sense of greater self-worth and trust.

I’m not here to tell you what to do but if you need a day out and you’re watching your pennies, consider volunteering. The pay off is greater than you might think. Your community will thank you for it and there’s almost always home-made cookies in the mix. 🙂