Act 194

Go to the village of value

Had to go to the big city today (well big to us that is). Stopped in at Value Village. Among other errands, I was looking for a cherry pitter (see Act 192) – no luck. But I did happen to find some skookum t-shirts and jeans for the boys. What a difference. I’m pretty sure both pair of jeans and one of the t-shirts are brand new. Quick wash (i’ll make an exception and wash in hot this time) – and we’ll be good to go.

With the money I saved, I more than paid for a new OXO cherry pitter and a few needed extras at Think Kitchen which was having a great sale. On that note, July is a good month to shop if you have to. Retailers are making room for Fall and Winter stock. Some pretty impressive clearance racks at the moment. If you can, take advantage of them Рbut bring a list and set a budget Рlest you be distracted by the shiny pretty things!

Happy debt-defying!