Act 235

Enjoy some luxury without the 5 star price tag

When visiting a big city, be sure to check out the lobbies of famous hotels and get a taste of the finest luxury money can buy. Most hotels are happy to have you visit, people watch and maybe shop at their boutiques. The furniture is comfy, the decor spectacular and the bathrooms are tidy.

We are waiting in the lobby of the chateau Laurier until we board out canal cruise shortly. It’s delightful if only temporary.


Act 137

Holiday at home.

May 24 is here. Summer has begun. We’d normally get out of town for a long weekend but instead we started a tradition of camping at home. We invite friends, fire up the bbq, have a campfire, even tented in the backyard one time (but sure gets cold at night). We take out the lantern and play cards past dark. Just like camping. Only cheaper and much closer to a warm bed.

Instead of spending money on fuel and campsite fees, we invested in a few things for the yard. If you’re going to spend the money, best spend it on things you can enjoy year round – like our new picnic table or the time invested in some yard improvement.

Time and money well spent and just as much fun.

Happy May Long!

Act 66

Poetic justice for theĀ staycation.

No passport please
No parking fees

No carry-on weight
No delay at the gate

No vaccinations
No medications

No check in times
No long wait lines

No rental cars
No mini-bars

No chartered bus
No hurried fuss

No further will I roam
Then very close to home

So thank you staycation
From a debt-laden nation