Act 188

I wood if I could

Wood pallets are the poster children of upcycling projects. I love everything there is to love about upcycling. It’s e-friendly, it easy on the wallet, it’s creative and it’s one of a kind.

So I picked up a few at a local store – they leave them out for people to take them away – and brought them home. I’m amazed at what people have come up with. Being practical takes some ingenuity.

Here are mine.

and here are theirs.

and there are plenty more examples on pinterest. Just search wood pallet projects.┬áSo I’ll try using one for my garden tools and let you know how I make out.

And speaking of upcycling, here’s a shameless but well deserved plug for my talented friend Erik who designed the revival bike rack – a bike rack made entirely of upcycled old bike parts (that move no less). Pretty epic if you ask me.