Act 233

Car pool

While traffic is not part of my daily grind, it certainly is a part of big city life. Were I to live in a big city again, I would most certainly consider car pooling. Traveling in a vehicle with 3 or more people saves on time and on money. Even as a visitor to Ottawa I’ve benefitted from this option during a few visits to the National Capital. It’s a great place to visit but I won’t miss the traffic!

Act 135

Buy the same dollar amount of gas on a weekly basis

With the May long weekend begins the summer season. If you live in a community on the Trans Canada Highway, perhaps you too are accustomed to the 10 to 12 cent increase in fuel/litre preceding a few well deserved days off.

To protect your budget against the swing in fuel prices, consider filling up at the same time every week for the same dollar amount. You can’t control the price of gas, you can control how much driving you do.

I started doing this to help manage my cash flow and kept doing it because it’s decreased my overall fuel expense and it makes me more mindful of how much driving I do.

And now, with my handy dandy office bike (see Act 131), I’ll ¬†run errands in a fuel free way during office hours which will undoubtedly further my cause and up my intake of exercise to boot.

Act 99

Walk. Or bike. It’s better for you and cheaper.

Can’t ride to work? That’s fine. Bring your bike to the office and leave it there. Use it for errands or a lunch time ride.

Can’t bring your bike to work? Walk when and where you can instead.

Cycling and walking is more cost effective for your community too. Biking saves money while driving costs us all according to this article on

So as the weather improves, think about two wheeled and two legged transportation. It’s a debt defying act we can all afford.

Act 60

Downsize your ride.

I have a Nissan X-terra and I quite like it. It’s a great vehicle and it runs like a charm. But it’s too much car for what we need. I’m ready to downsize to something smaller or nothing at all. All I need is a little car to get me from my house, to school, to the office and back. If I lived closer to town, I’d ride my bike or walk. But I don’t. So I need a ride. I might try the bus for a bit. It stops right outside my house and someone else can do the driving, the fueling and the insurance. I could live with that.

But if you need an SUV with 4 wheel drive that’s apparently “super charged” not that I would know what that means, have I got a deal for you. It’s lady driven and just got a brand new muffler to boot.

Vroom vroom for you. Cash money for me.