Act 248

Pack him a lunch

My hubby has a baseball tournament this weekend. In an of itself, it’s a cheap sport and great fun. But tournaments can add up. Forgetting about the beer for the moment, consider just the food truck – burger here, hot dog there, you get the idea. So I packed him some grub for the weekend. It’s the first time I’ve ever done that. I feel a bit annoying and overbearing. But it’ll save some coin and the less coin we spend, the more we have to get out of debt.

But money and couples is a tricky balance. He makes more than I do (typical of many households) but truth be told, he works harder too. I do most of the spending. If you work hard and you earn good money, you certainly deserve a weekend away or a burger for heaven’s sake – but even 5 bucks makes a difference. And that’s what I’m learning here. It’s not the big stuff. it’s the series of little things that really start adding up.

So batter up, it’s time for a bunt. It might just win the game.