Act 328

Teach yourself.

One of my challenges this year has been to acknowledge that my business doesn’t always generate enough revenue to cover expenses. I work with so many talented people and more often than not, I delegate the work to them. But in an effort to curb spending, I’ve had to cut some hours. As difficult as this has been, it has helped me get a handle on what I can or can’t afford. As a result, I’ve had to learn many new things. From learning how to bake a loaf of bread to how to troubleshoot web server issues, I find that with a little patience, some time and a fair share of humility, I can still learn new things. This teachable moments have saved me money. You can always pay someone to get a job done but in some cases (not all), it builds confidence and skills to try and learn it yourself. This is easier than ever with google and youtube. So give it try, you might just learn a thing or two.