Act 181

File your homeowner grant.

Tomorrow is the deadline for property tax here in Salmon Arm. If you own a property, make sure to file for your homeowner’s grant even if you don’t have all the money set aside for taxes so you’ll only pay interest on the reduced amount.

If you’re lucky enough to be 65, you’ll pay even less. Which is great for you personally, but I have to say, I question this considering the onslaught of baby boomers heading into retirement. I’m not saying the baby boom hasn’t paid their fare share, but the pyramid is not in the favour of those of us who follow the baby boom.

We share more expenses that we realize. A lot more. Pensions, for one, municipal, provincial and federal debt for another. Schools, libraries, universities, colleges, etc. And that’s just the public stuff. We share private costs too. Insurance mostly (expect a big increase for the Alberta floods). But also banking expenses (where our baby boomer friends get free basic services because they hold most of the money) – we share that cost too as customers.

Anyway, long story short, get the mark downs you can, but keep in mind that we pay either way – and some of us pay more than others.

Act 113

File your taxes on time.

I know you know this. Just a friendly reminder. I dread this day too. But payment or refund, by filing on time, you avoid the penalty and there’s really no reason to pay that if you don’t need to.