Act 284

Make your own skipping rope

One of my favourite things about holiday long weekends is the after dinner conversation. I so enjoy spending time with my sisters in law and nieces talking all thing mundane. Last night, we discussed their favourite subject in school. Recess.

When I told them that when I was in elementary school, having been in the French Catholic variety, I wasn’t allowed to play with boys until I was in grade five. They were surprised, to say the least. Once in grade five, you could play dodge ball, british bulldog and red rover. Prior to that, you were limited to double dutch. Double dutch? They’d never heard of such a thing.

So today, we committed to find a skipping rope so we could show them. It’s difficult to find a proper skipping rope in this day and age so we settled for some rope from Canadian Tire and some duck tape for the handles. What fun.

Life is too complicated. Teach your children the pleasures of simplicity. For a twelve dollar piece of rope and some matching duct tape, we had more fun and more giggles than I could have imagined resulting from a simple, after dinner conversation.

Now, if only I could find my former prowess. Tomorrow is another day. And so help me, I will manage to go double dutch despite the risk of muscle aches. It’ll be worth it. And hopefully, some day soon, they will bring their new skipping ropes to school if only just for a little old school fun.