Act 340 (25 to go!)

Exhaust every option

Today was our test run ski day. It’s our first weekend of skiiing. Everyone tries on their gear from last year and we cross our fingers that the equipment still fits. It’s a bit of a futile exercise as someone always needs something new. My eldest no longer fits his boots. Which means his younger brother automatically gets a new-to-him pair. Off we went to Vernon, where the ski hill is, to check out the usual suspects; the sports store, the ski store, the second hand equipment store. You get the idea. Our first two stops were unsuccessful except for the sweet deal on the ski socks we found at Sportscheck. As we headed to our last resort, we saw the sign for the Salvation Army Thrift Store so we agreed to try. Nothing to lose. I would run in and check. Lo and behold, a perfect-sized pair of boots that fit for, get this, $14.50. This could have been a $200 adventure. I’m very grateful to people who donate their equipment to second hand stores. And I’m grateful to second hand stores for sorting through it all. So if you’re looking for something, exhaust every option. It’ll pay its way.