Act 339

Plan your shopping trip ahead of time.

I did this with my lovely neighbour. Last week we decided to plan a shopping trip together to pick up some much needed items. A foam mattress for my spare room, some kids clothes at Value Village. And a stop at the wholesale club for some kitchen items. It was great. I had a budget and a list, a timeline and good company. Most everything I bought was on sale or only available at those particular places. Plus, it was great fun.

You have to shop in life. That’s just the way it is. But the way you shop often determines how much you spend. If you browse and hang out at the mall, you’ll be tempted. We avoided that scene. Mostly had the stores to ourselves (everyone else must have been at that mall) and got what needed doing done.

Act 329

Be social

Today I had to make a few dozen deliveries for a job we’re just finishing up. While at first I dreaded the idea, I ended up enjoying it very much. Got to chat and visit with fellow business owners, catch up on the latest, see what’s new in their shops. It’s good to get out and chat a bit. It’s was more invigorating than a latte and certainly more entertaining that a new something or rather. I was energized for the rest of the day and it occurred to me that sometimes we shop for that very purpose. Not for the thing but for the interaction of buying the thing. Living in a small town is especially beneficial in this case as I know many of the owners. So, as a quick shout out to fellow business owners this soon to begin season of shopping frenzy, please shop local. Your money goes further and your patronage is more meaningful.

Act 232

sh-op at the co-op

MEC is a Canadian specialty outdoor store built on the cooperative model. From humble beginnings as an opportunity for climbers to source less expensive gear to a cross country quality outdoor gear retail giant. My rare visits here remind me that you can do good and do well. I mainly purchase travel gear which lasts forever and is reasonably priced.

Act 225

Visit IKEA but pretend it’s a home furnishing museum.

Went to IKEA today. It’s an impressive retail experience. One of my favourites in fact. Normally a visit makes an impressive dent on my credit card. Today however, I behaved. Bought a few things I needed. And one thing I wanted (but the price couldn’t be beat). It’s okay to shop, just enjoy it for the ideas and the creativity and the food. Ikea is probably the cheapest lunch in town if you keep to the daily specials.