Act 84

What would the rich you do?

I like to think there’s a rich person hiding in all of us. It would certainly go a long way in explaining my love of leather shoes and aged cheese.

But footwear and dairy aside, I think part of getting out of debt is thinking like a person who hasn’t any of it. Rather than spending money they don’t have, they don’t spend money they do have or they spend less than they could. So I try to do that too.

But I do often wonder what I would do if I had more money that I needed. I can think of a few things. I do think that money has become an object of accumulation rather than an instrument of exchange. If it’s not used as a means of exchange, is there not a huge opportunity cost attached?

There’s plenty of dead money sitting in corporate bank accounts. And even some sitting in personal bank accounts. I’m not suggesting it be given away or taken away, I’m merely suggesting it could be put to better use.

And plenty of us would pay to use it. Trouble is, big finance isn’t interested in little people or small business and ironically sometimes act as a barrier instead of a gateway.

So I’ll keep thinking about what I would do if I had more money than I needed and I can guarantee, the lessons of not having any won’t be lost on me.