Act 21

Go ahead. Ask.

This blog has lead to more than a few interesting conversation with friends and family many of whom who like me, own a small business.

We got to talking about banking, a favourite subject of ours, and came up with an idea that might actually net some benefit.

As small businesses, we pay significant amounts of interest, charges, insurance, other premiums and fees. So why not write said suppliers a letter asking them to return the favour in the interest of showing the same support toward your business.

It’s called reciprocity and it’s very common in the B2B world. If you build equipment for GM, your fleet of trucks are likely GMs. That’s how it works.

Say I paid, well, 5 figures in mortgage interest and insurance premiums last year. It can’t hurt to pen a polite note saying as much and asking that as a loyal customer, they include you in their purchase plans too.

Perhaps they would consider gift certificates for employees incentives, referrals to other clients, gift giving ideas for customers. Wouldn’t hurt to try. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no. Then you know that it might be time to try doing business with someone new.

I know it’s a bit cheeky, but it’s worth a try. Who’s with me?

Dear {insert financial institution name here}

My business {insert business name here} has been a loyal customer of your institution since {insert date here}. Over the years our business has spent approximately {insert dollar amount here} on your goods and services which were received in good order. Thank you. 

We write to offer you, in return, an opportunity to support our business by considering us in your plans to offer employee incentives or client gifts by considering purchasing {insert your product here} from us.

Please see the enclosed {flyer/brochure) for more information. 

We look forward to a prosperous future together.


{insert name here, insert business here}