Act 119

Don’t just count beans, cook with them too.

I’ve discovered beans – chick pea, split pea, kidney. They are a good source of protein that’s easier on the grocery bill.

Nothin’ fancy. But just because it ain’t fancy doesn’t mean it ain’t smart. And smart is where debt defying happens.

Act 89

Try a new recipe

I often think that food is a good metaphor for money. We all have the same ingredients, it’s just that some of us have a better recipe.

I tried a few new and adjusted recipes today. Same ingredients, better meal. Food for thought.

Act 29

Shake it and bake it

Did your mom ever use shake and bake? I don’t think mine did – all the same – it’s one of those convenience foods that can, let’s face it, be well, more convenient than sensible.

Did you know you can buy Shake ‘n Bake on Amazon – an 8 pack is 20.15 (I wonder if that includes shipping).

Hhm. All the same. Make your own bread crumbs, add salt, pepper and your favourite spices – find a bag – and away you go.

Truth be told, for the price of 8 chicken thighs ($3.50) and my home made bread crumb concoction, my meal will cost – uhm, less than a box of convenient shake ‘n bake.

Now that, my friends, is debt defying.

Bon Appetit!

Act 18

When life gives you stale bread, make yummy croutons

No really, just oil, a bit of vinegar, salt, pepper, maybe some┬áparmesan, some garlic – whatever you have on hand – and your bread suddenly goes from blah to voila!

Small things make a big difference.