Act 355 (10 to go!)

Remember that true friendship comes when silence is comfortable

We don’t put enough value on silence. There’s so much noise in the economy. Every holiday is seen as an opportunity to sell a cheap mattress, a reverse mortgage, a life insurance product, a fitness fix, a juicy juicer. It’s a bit sad that our lives are constantly invaded by this.

Today I spent the day with my very best friend. We chatted and caught up of course. But we also just sat quietly together as friends and enjoyed each others’ company. I can’t put a price on these moments. Reading a paper. Making a pot of soup. Having a nap. Sipping a coffee.

I worry that we are so bombarded with messaging, we loose our grip on what is authentic and meaningful to our very serious detriment.

Silence is a gift. Think of friends with whom you haven’t spoken in a while and when you talk, it’s like you’ve not missed a moment. That’s not neglect. That’s the knowledge that your friendship is so real that the quiet is comfortable. And in quiet reflection, you remember the ¬†moments, the laughs, the meaning.

So this Christmas, I am grateful for the knowledge and the comfort that my closest friendships are not measured by words or actions, but by meaning.

It’s so very true that the most meaningful things in life are priceless. The company of a friend, a hug, snuggling a child to sleep, reading a book, holding hands.

And despite the hustle and bustle of life, we need to find the quiet and comfort of true meaning. Sshh, it’s important.

Act 306

Find the quiet

It’s been a busy and loud few days. Fun. But busy and loud. Halloween party, a gallery party, a gallery fundraiser and a banquet.¬†I planned to make up for some of that fun by working today only to awake knowing that what I really needed was quiet.

So the kids went off for a bit with their dad and I had some alone time in my house. A rare occasion. I sometimes crave solitude. Having lived on my own in Vancouver, I came to enjoy my own time and my own company. I love my family, no question, but when I’m alone I can reconnect my thoughts in a way that doesn’t always happen when I’m surrounded by others. It’s good for me, like a tonic. And it helps me regain perspective for the busy and expensive, season ahead.