Act 291

Have a pyjamas day

Most of us are lucky to get one pyjama day a year. Boxing Day if you’re lucky. Maybe New Year’s Day if you had too much fun on New Year’s Eve.

But schedule a few more if you can. Pyjamas days are a great budget boosting initiative. You can’t roam too far from home in your PJs. You can’t spend much money. You can’t go to town to run errands or pick up a few things from the grocery store. You certainly can’t go shopping. You might, instead, find that those little projects in need of your attention, get your attention like the unfolded laundry or the piles of paperwork needing sorting. I had a great day, made no plans, other than to stay in my PJs. Did some cleaning, some laundry, some TV watching, some cooking – even managed to try a batch of cinnamon buns (we’ll see how they turn out). My house is clean. I feel calm. Plus, I’m already ready for bed.

You don’t need to broadcast it on facebook or even tell anyone. Just agree with yourself to make no plans and do, well, whatever needs doing or not doing. Up to you. Never mess with a mom in pyjamas.