Act 198

Find a promo code online

As part of my work, I often have to buy things online. Weird things like domain names and hosting packages and audio files and royalty free images. Not real things you can put on the mantel or hang in the closet. All the same, these are purchases I have to make.

I was buying an audio file today for a project and I briefly remember getting an e-mail about a promotional offer. Despite my best attempt, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to find the offer in my digital moutain high pile of e-mail. So, for fun, I google, istockphoto promo codes and bingo, there it was. There are sites that publish the various promotional codes of online retailers. If you have to buy stuff or non stuff online, google for the promo code. Who knows, you might save a few bucks. And every dollar you save, is money in your pocket. Better there than elsewhere.