Act 95

Pay a little more, a little sooner.

It’s all about momentum. Once you start seeing results, start paying a little more a little sooner on your debt. It adds up. And use whatever windfall you come across (even a very small rebate from your credit union or a tax refund) to put towards it to and focus on one goal at a time. If you see progress, you’ll want more of it.

Act 87

Three easy payments

Part of debt defying is managing cash flow. Feelings and pride aside, sometimes you have to ask for options.

I did this today to take care of a business expense. My clients always pay a deposit with the balance once the job is done. But I have to pay for expenses up front. Sometimes the math doesn’t work. So I asked if I had to pay upfront or were there any other options. And there was another option.

I’m grateful. It tells me my business matters to them, there’s enough money on the table for everyone to be compensated and the deal allows for some flexibility.

And I’m glad I asked. That’s a switch for me. I’m learning. All part of the fun.