Act 195

Pay Day. Bill Day. Free Day.

We like pay days. We hate bill days. We don’t have that many free days.

But if you plan well, you can batch your bills and pay them on set days. You could do it weekly for example. If you’re paid on Friday, pay your bills Monday. Pick up groceries on Tuesday, then take a few days off in between. It’s very challenging to go a day without spending money. If you map out your payments in a calendar of some kind, you know what’s ahead. And try to pay a bit early and a bit more if you can. As Gail Vaz Oxlade reminds us, if the credit cards companies didn’t put a minimum payment on the bills, we’d probably pay more.

Free days can happen. And enjoy them. I try and stay close to home on weekends and plan my grocery shopping accordingly. So at least one day a weekend is normally a free day for me. Sometimes I get a free day mid week too.

The ultimate challenge then is to have more pay days and free days then bill days. If you make up your mind that you can do it, you can do it!