Act 94

Sometimes patronage patronizes.

If you’re a member of a credit union, it’s patronage time. They give you money back after they calculate their profits, then make a big splash about how community-minded they are. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but in this case, I’m the gift horse. They are giving me my own money back and taking the credit for it.

For a number of reasons I can’t get into here, it’s difficult for me to call out my own credit union. But I am. I ran six figures through my business account and got $32 back.

I’m sorry. Not good enough. A local credit union is an exercise in community building and trust. Around here, more than 50% of us have made that commitment. And $32 doesn’t do my commitment justice. I’ve been a member, a supporter, an advocate and, a profitable source of income. I’d have been better off buying stock in TD. And it pains me to say that more than anyone will ever know.

Sometimes patronage is patronizing. If you’re tired of being patronized, buy bank stock and truly benefit from the cash cow that is Canadian banking. At least the big banks are honest about who they are really working for. It’s a debt defying lesson I wish I’d learned a long time ago.

But since I did get 1 cent (literally) in interest rebate on my personal deposits, I’ll buy the bubble gum and split it 5 ways for any takers. I still know how to share. No amount of money will ever keep me from the importance of that lesson.